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About the project


Our Project should involve students and teachers in creating virtual enterprises – the travel agencies. Each virtual company creates its own on and off-site travel offers. The trade exchanges will proceed in the English language. The Project will enable discovering of the other cultures and the development of the European consciousness. It will be a great opportunity to improve the language abilities and practice the usage of information technology. The Project will allow the students to cultural, organizational, social and economic integration. Our students and teachers will create multimedia presentations of the virtual companies in each country.

The final product of our cooperation is an International website - EVE - where each partner will put the info regarding to its educational background, must-see sights, and the famous characters of the region. We also will meet each other in our partners’ countries to share experiences, work methods and finally to get to know the schools and effectively use the foreign languages. The Project also aims to improve functioning of the virtual companies, thus it will become a grand help for the students in their future careers.


Our partnership project should engage both students and teachers.

Students should:

  1. get familiar with the functioning of travel agencies in the partnership countries;
  2. extend their abilities of using the Internet, email and websites creation tools;
  3. improve their abilities in the field of the English Business Language (words and phrases connected with tourism, business activity and communication);
  4. get to know the basics of the languages of our Partners (communication of the everyday language: trips, shopping, hotels, school, etc.);
  5. broaden their knowledge about European life styles (e.g. leisure), culture (e.g. famous characters of region, customs, traditions, cultural attractions), economy (e.g. local tourism);

Teachers should:

  1. get accustomed to the functioning of the partnership schools (administration and finance)
  2. share with the partners their experiences and methods of teaching;
  3. encourage participants of the project to study languages and learn about other cultures;
  4. introduce the advantages of the relation between geography and economy in the local aspect;
  5. promote the idea of the European citizenship among students.
  6. The accomplishment of our objectives (aimed mostly to the participating schools) can help students in their future careers. It can also motivate to compete with the others, take chances and face challenges. It develops students’ sense of responsibility as well as creativity.
  7. Our goals can be achieved by:
  8. integrating specific parts of the project with the school curricula of the English language, economy, information technology, geography and history;
  9. organizing some extra lessons on European and regional education where the students update the Internet site as soon as the project progresses;
  10. making the five-languages concise dictionary;
  11. participating in the working visits, lessons, competitions, etc. among the project’s partakers.

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